Perth Custom Home Builder for Narrow Lots

Traditionally, Perth block sizes are spacious, and we have been able to build large homes with big backyards.

However, this is no longer necessarily the case. Perth blocks are becoming smaller, with some lots having a 10-metre-wide frontage (or even less!).

That being the case, custom home builders should not be put off by a narrow block. Not only are narrow lots typically more affordable, but they also offer plenty of diversity and unique customisation options for those who are in the know – like the experts at Dasco by Design.

Dasco’s tips on how to help design your custom home in Perth

At Dasco by Design, our passion is creating beautiful custom homes for our Perth clients. Every home we build is unique, and we involve our clients at every step of the design and building process.

If you’re thinking of building your own home, chances are you have many ideas about what you want that home to look like, and how you want it to function for the people who will be living there. The great thing about working with a custom home builder like Dasco by Design is that we help you to distil all of these ideas into the home of your dreams.

Custom Two-Storey Homes with Dasco By Design

Whether you choose to build a single or two-storey home can depend on a range of factors. In this blog, we will talk about the benefits of creating a custom two-storey home that perfectly fits your specific needs and your lifestyle.

A 2-storey home is an excellent option for many reasons, including:

  • The flexibility of updates/downstairs living
  • Saving your backyard space
  • Cost and life stage benefits

Luxury Home Builder Perth – Dasco By Design

Are you a home builder looking to create a truly inspired piece of architecture for your next home? Are you looking for a committed, quality home builder in Perth that can design and construct the home of your dreams?

Dasco By Design can do all of this for you, and more. We take our clients on a journey from start to finish. We deliver one-off homes that will never be built again, and our small team of professionals will involve you throughout every stage of the building process.

6 Home Building Design Trends for First Home Builders

When you’ve taken the plunge, and decided to be a first home owner/builder, it can be daunting to face all of the options and choices available to you. From beginning to end, you’ll be making choices, which means you’ll end up with a home that is tailored specifically to you.

Design trends come and go – after all, what was popular in the 70s aren’t the same choices that we would make for our homes today. So, what design trends does 2018 have to offer, and which are actually here to stay. How should you, as a first home owner, decide what will work best for you?

Top 5 Reasons to work with a custom home builder

Dasco designs and builds homes that are unique to the client, whether a completely bespoke Dasco By Design home, or a customisable first home by Dasco Living.

Having said that, why should you choose a custom home builder? To some, the answers might seem obvious, but to others it might seem like too much work – surely it must be easier and less stressful to choose a pre-designed home?

Here are our reasons why you should choose to work with a custom home builder.

Introducing Dasco: A trusted Perth home builder

Dasco has been a trusted home builder in Perth since the turn of the millennium, delivering top quality homes to our clients across the Perth metropolitan region. We build luxury homes – but that’s not all. We also build family homes and homes for first-home-buyers at an affordable price, but without losing the luxury.

Dasco By Design – Custom Home Builder Perth

If you’re looking for a unique, top of the range home – look no further than Dasco By Design. Every Dasco By Design home we build is like a fingerprint – unique to the client. Our small team will be with you every step of the way, throughout the entire building process. We make sure you aren’t left in the dark, ensuring that you are 100% happy with the final outcome – your new home. We have built beautiful houses from City Beach to Port Coogee that are all architecturally unique and beautifully crafted. Choose Dasco By Designs to build your luxury home.